“Where’s the Italian Randy?”

Makes me think of senior year Players, there were some great quotes: “spicy I-talian whoors”, “Sassafras”, and so many more great lines. Sigh. I like quotes.

Today. Was. The. Day. That. Would. Not. End. I thought I would go insane. The highlight of my day was a spam email from St. Cecilia, supposedly pushing Viagra but in reality it was just chock-full of pearls of wisdom! I don’t remember any but they were hilarious. It was really long, too. I’ll post it later. Almost as good, was the email from the Spiderman Pharmacy. Haha.

I started apartment hunting today. Went to visit a place on Waterman, next door to the boyz (Henry was excited that I might be his neighbor…. “won’t you be my neighbor?”) In any case, Kwoon seemed alright but I don’t think I want to live there. Nothing in particular, but I think I can find something better. So the search continues……….

Yay for email conversations with Huma and Michelle!


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