Friday friday friday. Yeah. Wasted a good part of my time going in the wrong direction, but hey at least I provided Phyl with a ‘teachable moment’, bell and all. Henry laughed at me. Haha it’s all good. I lent him my french comic books. Peter Pan, c’est le pied!

Everyone at work is sick. Danielle and I are the only two hold-outs. That’s because we have our own office. Except SOMEONE (Mr. Paik) entered and contaminated the well space!!! So Danielle had to make a CVS run for vitamin C. I’m doomed, though, I just know it.

Got to talk to an awesome Scottish dude today. He was so incredibly helpful, you wouldn’t even believe. I’m forever in your debt, Mr. Wardrop.

Decided to get out and do something, so I went to the mall and saw Robots. It was cute. I had fun, but nothing I would see twice. Too much metal. Oh I’m going to meet someone tomorrow for possible roommateness. Cross those fingers! I gotta blow this joint.


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