It’s been a frustrating couple days…. mostly having to do with work. We’ve been experiencing ‘organic changes’ and they haven’t been too fun. But I’m settling in, and it will be ok. Lots of new people coming on board. It’s funny, I am no longer one of the new people. That seems very weird to me, since I still feel that way sometimes. But now I’m one of the oldies, I suppose. We’re upping the boy to girl ratio once more. Should be fun.

I’m trying to find a roommate now for the apt. I signed a lease on. This is now my most stressful thing to worry about. But I can’t wait to move in, it’s gonna be so great! One month. And I have to find someone, right? Right. Keep those fingers crossed.

Mom and Dad are coming to visit me next weekend, which should be fun. Maybe I’ll spend a day at Martha’s Vineyard. I’d have to see how I could get there. Maybe the plane? We’ll see. I want to see my babies!!!! I miss them. And SS reunion is the first weekend in May too. Crazzzzzzyyyyy. That should be interesting. Like a car wreck. Haha.


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