Busy weekend. Saturday I went for a walk on Blackstone Blvd. It was so nice and warm! Erika came over in the afternoon and we went to Providence Place; did some shopping, saw Sin City. Went to Kabob and Curry for dinner, yum! I had the best drink ever, a Mango Cosmopolitan!

Got back home around 8:30. My landlords were already asleep…..? Chatted with E for a bit, and then she took off. There was absolutely no way I was going to hang out in a quiet dark house for the rest of the night so I went over to Banyas’s and chilled. Paul, Henry, Andy, John, John’s gf Tory, Toby, and Ben were all there. It was fun. We chatted about Ahnold, the Predator, etc. etc. Matt and Kyle came back from rugby, and we headed out to the Abbey.

It was pretty chill until most everyone left, and then it turned into a semi-drunk rant on our favorite topic… I never realized Andy could be so loud when drunk, haha.

Sunday I went for a long walk, then went shopping. More like window shopping, but I can never resist a good bargain. Decided I hadn’t seen enough movies, so Henry and I caught Fever Pitch. Pretty good. So I got home at 10, saw Grey’s Anatomy, and went to bed. Managed to be at home for a total of 20 some hours the entire weekend. Not bad.

Today I worked on a new technology, pretty interesting. I’m working out plans for the next couple weekends, maybe MV in 2? Could be fun.


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