The week really flew by. Highlights: new developments in the Peter Lau saga, new developments in the roommate saga, giant flea market, sad news from HC, and email convos with Henry.

I have been watching mondo movies thankx to my local Blockbuster unlimited pass. It’s excellent. Much to my chagrin I’ve become a rabid OC fan. I now have two addictions in my life: OC and diet coke. Sad.

Poll: Should I live on the first or second floor? I may have a choice. Same floor plans, different floors. It’s a dilemma.

Spent the day alone today. It was glorious. I planned to sleep in late, but that translated into waking up at 8 am. Garrrr. Lolled in bed til 10, got up and did puttering around, went for a walk to Wayland Square, got lunch at East Side Marketplace and ate in the gay pickup park, walked back home, read, watched movies, went grocery shopping, had dinner, watched more movies, went online and looked for roommates. Please keep those fingers crossed. I would really like to have everything settled soon. This up in the air thing is going on way too long.

Tomorrow: I predict more of the same. It should be nearly 70, which will be fantabulous!!!!


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