So apparently my parents were surfing the web and stumbled across the xanga site of one of my Jadczak cousins…. becky…. one of the cousins who was just a baby when what I refer to as the Grand Schism (sp?) occurred. So I was reading it, and it was SO WEIRD because here is this person who is related to me, but who probably doesn’t even know I exist! And it’s funny to read stuff she posts about Aunt Barb and Uncle Ray, since it’s such a totally different pov. And then she talks about Sam (who I remember as Sammy) and Steve (Stephen Matthew) and other cousins, and it’s bizarre since we aren’t in the list. And when I talk about my cousins, they aren’t in my list. Unfortunately, my list is very small: Nick, Genevieve, Monisha, Gunjen, Nikki, Mona, and Chris. When there are actually like 8 or so more cousins out there on my dad’s side. I don’t even know. If I passed them on the street I wouldn’t know them. I think that’s very sad, in a way. I used to love hanging out with Beve, Sammy, and Steve when I was younger. They were some of my best friends. But I haven’t talked to them in years. I wonder what they think about us. How they were raised to view us? If we were to meet up again, what would we say? I have no idea. OH family. Such drama.

I felt very nervous today. My hands were shaking. Mini-anxiety attack. Wonder why? I’ve never had that happen to me before. Ever! Work was okay, mildly frustrating. I had some interesting emails. Definitely had a WTF moment. Haha.

It’s getting warmer, which makes me happy.


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