It’s been a long time since I posted on this thing….. everything is moving along. I am fully moved into the new place, and am SO much happier! My roommate is moving in tomorrow, should be fun. Work is work, but I will be getting reassigned in August so that should also be interesting. People are coming and going, what else is new? It will be sad to lose some of the old crew though.

Yesterday was Kyle’s surprise birthday party. After work we trooped over to Hilltop ave and ‘hid’ in the house while the birthday boy and Matt went to Sam’s Club. We were sure the cars parked on the street would give the whole thing away; I even made sure to park way up so he wouldn’t see the PA plates. But he had no idea, which was fun. I decided I was going to get good and drunk, which I did. Well, not to the extent of say, some Barclay Block Parties of years past, but pretty well on my way there. It was all good though, I didn’t fall down once! The accomplishment of the night. It was a lot of fun. Henry made me extra crispy black hot dogs just the way I like them, and the beer was flowing. Somehow I got roped into playing beer pong with Henry, even though I told him I was too drunk to play plus I’d never played before. Needless to say, we lost. I never realized how much I crave cigarettes when I drink. I really really wanted one, and I hate smoking. Odd. I also apparently have a tendency to spill my guts to anyone willing to listen. Haha. Oops. After a while the world was definitely spinning, so I had to take a break and I laid down on Henry. I so could have gone to sleep right then. But it was picture time so we had to do that. I def. need to get pix from Danielle. It’s amusing to think that I am now one of the ‘old crew’ since I was the last one hired before we moved to Providence. Weird. In any case, I was not fit to drive home so Erika took me back. Henry was supposed to pick me up this morning to get my car back, but never called so I’m going to go get it on Sunday when I can get a ride over there. I was luckily right on the borderline of being puke drunk, thank goodness. Woke up at 4 and was wide awake, so I watched the sun come up and then went back to sleep. Got the net hooked up today, and did some cleaning. Sat outside on the porch and enjoyed the sunshine. It’s been a pretty good weekend so far.


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