Out late last night…….

Vinay and I made a tofu key lime pie at work yesterday. Apparently Tirzah’s is better, so I will have to get the recipe from her. After work, went over to Waterman and hung out while V decided what he wanted to do. That boy was crazy last night! Haha. Percosets, blunt, beer, he was a riot. We headed over to the Hot Club and hung out with all the old people. Matt was fascinated by some lady’s brown teeth, so we stared at her all night. Oh– I am going to learn how to sail! I’m excited for that. After a couple beers, John, Tory, V, Henry, Andy, Ben and I grabbed dinner at Sapphoro. Had Japanese food, more beer, and sake. Team Leader had us doing 3 dinner guests from history and top 5 bands. Made for some interesting combos. After dinner, we headed back to Waterman and hung out for a while. I was definitely out of it by then. Too much sake. I had a typical Haverford conversation with Ben about Koffi (best prof ever!) and how the media generates levels of attraction. It was random. Around 11 or 12 we decided to head over to this Brown grad bar which was in the middle of a random neighborhood, bizarre. Played darts there, didn’t do so well but not so badly either. Had more beer. Ended up at Hot Pockets on Thayer, starving. We got our food, and then split up to call it a night. I rolled in around 2 am, ate, and watched Entourage while I tried to get my feet back under me.

Now I’ve gotta go clean before the family descends, dogs and all. Arg.


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