Had a crazy day yesterday; woke up early to clean and had a visit from the parents/sister/dogs. Locked the puppies up in my room while Simone went to orientation and then we went out to lunch. She was feeling pretty sick so they all ended up rolling out by 3 pm or so headed back to Philly. So I was left with a gorgeous day and nothing to do.

Talked to Henry for a little while, and then we decided to go see Howl’s Moving Castle. I really enjoyed it. Made me remember why I love children’s literature so much. There’s no curse out there that can’t be broken by the power of true love. And I always liked Howl. Even if he did look a little feminine in this movie. Haha great line: “What’s the use of living if I can’t be beautiful?” Or something like that. jaja.

Today was also pretty chill, cleaned up a bit, went shopping, went to the gym, walked around… I got new drapes for my room so now I don’t have to worry about pervs peeking up at me. Nice. And I finally hung some pictures. So my room is pretty.


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