So I heard some very interesting gossip from Tirzah yesterday. I’m not going to repeat it here, but yes. Verrrrrry interesting. So I’m still pissed at Matt. Dammit! I really wanted to go sailing!!! Boo.

Today I went to the gym, saw John and Tory there, they are mad crazy people on bikes! Haha. It was pretty hot, so I spent most of the day being lazy on the couch. I tried to clean up a bit, but ended up just sweating profusely. Oh I’m excited, Grace and I are going to have a housewarming party! Should be very fun. So that’s something to look forward to. We have to plan that out. Grace invited two of her friends over for dinner tonight, Solmar and Peter. I’ve already met Solmar, she is very sweet. Peter was a cutie too. I even contributed my kielbasa dish to the dinner, surprisingly enough it was well received. Go me. We ended up moving our table out to the balcony and so we had an outside meal, much cooler and very nice. The key lime pie made an appearance for dessert, and was also well received. Perhaps I am improving in my culinary skills.

So later I got a phone call from Tirzah and we chatted for a while. Let’s just say I am dreading work tomorrow, for more than the usual reasons. It’s not gonna be fun. The only consolation is that it won’t be fun for all of us. That sounds kinda bad. Oh well. Peace out.


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