I won’t get into it here. Suffice it to say, I was thisclose to quitting and just walking away from FS&T. I should have quit.

Friday night= party at Danielle’s house. Or rather, Erik’s house. I set out to get good and drunk which I did. I was a little stupid though, and mixed beer with vodka with beer with more liquor and the end result was me sick in the bathroom. I think I missed the group pictures. I’ll have to add myself in digitally. :-/ In any case, I slept over and spent the morning in Newport, driving around the mansions and by the ocean– beautiful. There was a Japanese festival going on, and I went and checked that out with Nanae. Dropped her off and headed back to try to find Arun. Finally found Erik’s place again. Ran in to Matt, Andy, and Dan. This is why I will miss Matt so much: who else would greet me, still sick and hungover, with a cheery “Good morning sunshine!” hahaha. I am going to miss him so much. And Andy too. Goddamn.

So Arun and I found our way back to Providence, and I collapsed on the couch, still sick and dead tired. So pretty much my whole day was spent trying to get up to speed. It was a gorgeous day though. I got so hot sitting outside so I had to go to the movies in order to get some air conditioning love. Had Indian for dinner and had a little chat with Grace, who hadn’t heard any of the goings on. So here I am, pissed and still upset and not sure how I’m going to go into work on Monday.

Tomorrow I may go back to Newport for a job search party. We have to move our washer and dryer in (exciting) and I have to go say bye to Matt. So sad.



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