Apparently Harry Potter has the power to soothe even the savage beast that is FS&T. Who woulda thought? The good news is that the boss is happy (wonder why) and I am moving downstairs.

Sigh. This makes six moves within eight months. I should just be a nomad, considering I’ve moved my household the same amount of times within 14 months. Maybe I can get a horse and trek around with a teepee made of animal skins.

Speaking of animals, I desperately want to get a dog. I’ve been thinking about it more and more. You know, some old shelter dawg that nobody wants and will be put to sleep otherwise…and who will sleep all day in my nice spacious apt. . . Because realistically people, let’s say I end up moving back to Philly (very likely), I won’t be able to stay at home (at least not for very long). I would probably go crazy. So the whole dog issue wouldn’t be a huge problem considering I’d get my own place within a reasonable amount of time. So anyway, I’m thinking. Nothing wrong with that.

I went to the gym tonight and was trying to work out some of my anger against life and certain people in particular (not who you think, I promise you) but I kept getting distracted by the dude next to me who was cheering for the Yankees. Please. Let’s keep the clapping and the hooting to ourselves, shall we? I’m under enough stress as it is, I don’t need to get a heart attack from your hollering. Anyway it is hot and I’m miserable. I came home and Grace and I collapsed on the couch and watched Million Dollar Baby. I couldn’t finish it so no one tell me what the ending is like, ok? OK.

I’m gonna try to see if we can get together for a dinner this week. That would be nice, and maybe provide me with some sense of closure. Or if not closure, a sense of normalcy and an affirmation that things will be alright. I’m feeling down because of everything, and to top it off I’m worried that I ruined my friendship with HP. No not Harry Potter. Hardee harr harr. Anyways. Yeah I’m worried about that. It could just be that we no longer work together, but…….yeah. There’s that whole other issue as well. Not really sure what to do about that, or what will end up happening. It sucks to have the ball in the other person’s court though.

OK enough dramatics, it’s time to go to bed. I need my beauty sleep. Mwah!


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