Everyone is making fun of me because Phyl called me a ‘talented woman.’ Garrr.

I was up super early because Rocky kept barking and waking me up. NOT a happy camper. But they’ll be gone tomorrow, so I guess I’ll put up with it. After work Erika came over and helped me walk the pooches. Alejandro is here for the weekend so we have a fulllll house! After I got the dogs settled down, we headed over to Trinity to say goodbye to Andy. Paul, Arun, Jen Wolf, Jenn Dazell, Kyle, Andy, Henry, Ben, Erika and I were all there. Almost like old times, except that we were very obviously missing some people. Matt was clearly our social ringleader, and with his absence it’s just not the same. But it was a nice chill way to end the week, and a nice get-together. I think I might end up having breakfast with Andy and Henry tomorrow morning, so I put off saying goodbye to Andy yet another day. I will miss him though. The upside to the whole night is that I made plans to hang out with Erika on Sunday, and– this is particularly apt, considering my last post– I am going to hang out with Henry next week. We’re going to see a movie. It makes me feel a lot better, since now I know why he didn’t write me back. It is a weight off. Like I said, I am losing so many friends, and I consider him to be one of my best friends that I’ve made since coming to RI. I didn’t want to lose him either.

So it was a pretty good night.


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