For some reason I have been feeling this sense of impending doom…….. it’s quite nervewracking. Because sooner or later, we all fall down. Literally.

I had a busy day full of fun and useful things planned for me today. Top of the list– laundry, so I could have that done while I bustled around with other things. So I’m going downstairs to get my clothes, slip, fall all the way down on my ass and my left arm, and end up in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs with my right leg and foot twisted at an odd angle near my head.

I’m certain my ankle is broken.

Luckily (knock on wood) it appears to be sprained. But damn it hurt like a motherfucker. So my whole day was spent hobbling around like a cripple and/or propping myself up on the couch watching “Dead Like Me” (good show btw, but I hadn’t really been planning on spending the day inside).

So to cap everything off, my doctor roommate is incommunicado all day long (still don’t know where she is) so I must resort to calling the parents and doing some web md searching for the proper care of my sadly abused lower limb.

I really don’t feel like going to the doctor/ER. But it is damn painful. Hopefully it will feel a little better tomorrow. If not, I am seriously considering taking off early as a sick day, because there’s no way I can handle work and this bad ankle at the same time. And go figure, it would be the first time all year that I actually used a sick day for its intended purpose. But on the plus side, the boss is away and David may be more inclined to feel bad for me.

SIGH. Why must things always go wrong??

In other news, went to the Portuguese Feast yesterday, our original group was whittled down one by one– Henry copped out, Toby chose to listen to folk music instead, and Danielle never showed– but Erika and i still had a good time. It wasn’t as awesome as I was expecting/hoping it to be, but it was still a nice night. I had a lot of fun people watching. There is definitely a certain crowd that inhabits New Bedford, and it was interesting watching them. Many 20 year old guys with their 3 or 4 yr old children, etc. There was good food, I’ll give them that. And really excellent wine. I decided that since I’ve been turning into a lush recently, I’d back off on the alcool so I only had one glass. But it was pretty good.

Welp counting down the days to vaction. Sun and sand, here I come!


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