Yet another list-mania, stolen from Michellio!

[eight songs that get stuck in your head frequently]
1. Indiana- The Samples
2. Move On- The Samples
3. Obsession- Frankie J
4. Aankhon Tu Mein Hai- Penn Masala
5. When Its Raining- The Samples
6. Careless Whisper- Wham
7. Take Me Home Tonight- Eddie Money
8. Walking In Memphis
(Can you tell I’ve been listening to The Samples recently??)

[four beverages you drink frequently]
1. Water
2. Diet Coke
3. Caffeine-free Diet Coke
4. Iced Tea

[five tv shows you liked when you were a little kid]
1. My Little Pony
2. Smurfs
3. Rainbow Brite
4. Thundercats
5. Denver the Last Dinosaur

[five things to do when you’re bored]
1. Redecorate
2. Read
3. Write emails
4. Watch Court TV
5. Knit

[four things that never fail to cheer you up]
1. Friday nights
2. Getting emails
3. Cute boys
4. Talking with friends

[four things you can’t live without]
1. My computer/internet
2. Sleep
3. Family
4. Friends

[about ten years ago *list three things*]
1. Wore a plaid skirt to school every day
2. Wore high heels for the first time, in a school play
3. Was in love with David Duchovny.

[about two years ago *list three things*]
1. Went through a really bad period of depression
2. Got kissed for the first time
3. Had a nervous breakdown in a motel in a foreign country

[about one year ago *list three things*]
1. Pulled my first all-nighter to finish my thesis
2. Was sitting in a beach bar at midnight with five Portuguese guys and one ballsy Slovenian chick
3. Was an expert in the tricks of children under 6

1. Still clueless
2. Deeper into science then I ever thought/dreamed of
3. Starting to feel like a “real person”

[seven things you love]
1. my family
2. my friends
3. Lazy Sunday mornings in bed
4. Indian food
5. Bargains
6. The smell of the ocean
7. That perfect moment when the notes in the harmony come together and just sound so right it almost makes you cry

[seven things you dislike]
1. Mean people
2. Deadlines
3. Snow
4. Uncertainty
5. Rainy days
6. Crowds
7. Leaky fridges

[seven facts about you]
1. I think short people have it better than tall people
2. I like to play the “poor little me” card much more than I really should
3. I get nervous every time I pick up the phone
4. I sometimes pretend I’m listening to you when I have no idea what you’re talking about
5. I really AM that easy-going
6. I have a stubborn streak a mile wide
7. I always feel like I’m not good enough

[four things you would eat on the last day of your life]
1. Chicken makhani and rice
2. Pooris
3. Pizza from Mario’s
4. Black Raspberry ice cream from Mad Martha’s

[six celebrities you would have sex with]
1. Viggo Mortensen
2. Joaquim Phoenix
3. Matt Damon
4. Diego Luna
5. Olivier Martinez
6. Lucas Black (OK a little young but sooo cute)

[four vacations you have taken]
1. Dominican Republic
2. Martha’s Vineyard
3. Canada
4. India

[four things you’d like to learn]
1. How to play poker really well (as in bringing down the house well but I’ll settle for anything better than my current skill level)
2. How to speak Hindi
3. How to speak Polish
4. How to be more confident

[three medium-term goals]
1. Start playing the violin again
2. Get a better handle on my future
3. Eat well


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