I have a new boyfriend. And before we get all excited and perklempt, he’s 67 years old, lives in AZ, and wants me to commercialize his particle monitor. Haha. But he’s in looooove with me and I’ve never met him! It’s the power of my phone voice, gets them every time.

In other news, I am exhausted. The next two weeks are going to suck but there is light at the end of the tunnel– Florida! Can’t wait. The brother is coming with his posse tomorrow and we’re going to do dinner before he steals my car. He’d better be paying! Now that he’s freaking rich as Midas.

Got an email from Matty in Germany, man I miss that kid. He sounds like he is adjusting well though, and I guess he’s soon going to be living it up in his little European two-seater, tooling around on the Autobahn. Hahahaha. Vinay comes back Monday, I have missed him as well. ADD and all. Well enough of all this, I’m off to read trashy magazines and try to stay cool in this HOT weather!!


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