It was soooooo hot this weekend. It sucked. John blew through and took my car, so I am now carless. Which also sucks. Lucky I can walk now.

Grace, Solmar and I went to the movies Sunday and saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Not bad for $2, but I don’t know… it felt a little forced to me. But anything to get out of the heat. Yesterday Grace and I went out to Indian, and tonight we went out for Thai (I thought of Humita fondly!) with a bunch of her med school friends. It was a pretty good meal, decently priced, verrrrrry small restaurant! I think it was as big as my room– seriously. Yummy.

Today the chairman of my company told me I would be ready for my vacation (in two weeks) when it came. I told him, “David, I’m ready now!” Today was pretty awful. Just one of those days when you need a personal masseuse on hand to work away all of the stress. (Back cramping up as I think about it). But anyway. Vinay will be back tomorrow, so that should be interesting.

It’s funny how you can lose some friends but end up building stronger relationships because of it. Even with the person you (thought) you lost.


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