Well, I’m back. It’s been a crazy few weeks. Spent week 1 in Florida with the family and Aunt Lotte, mostly just sat on the beach, slept, and watched tv.

Back to Providence for one night, then Labor Day Weekend it was off to MV with some former and current members of the FS&T crew. After some quality beach time they departed, and I spent the rest of the week sleeping, reading, and baking on the beach.

Back to Providence for one night, and then yesterday I was off to Boston for Haverford’s Habitat for Humanity. Had breakfast with Joe, Tirzah and Erika, then T and I put up drywall all day. Had dinner with Joe and Tirzah which was very nice. It felt very grown-up, and it was weird to think that we really are developing grown-up relationships with each other now. We no longer are connected by college and/or high school, and now we’re moving into a new adult realm where we aren’t just kids. This may sound stupid, but it really hit me last night. Who knows, in a few years some of us may be starting families, etc. I just never felt that I was really an adult until last night. Although I’ve been resisting it for a while, it felt nice.


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