Had a busy weekend with errands. I decided I want to get a dog, so I went to the shelters and started looking. Granted, I still have to officially verify that I can do this with the landlords, but they did say we could have dogs. I just want to verify it. You know.

So started the search, has gone well so far. I also went out to Rehoboth and got a dresser that I found on Craig’s List. It is beautiful! And was pretty cheap too. So I finally have a place to put my clothes away. I spent most of Sat afternoon and Sunday cleaning and rearranging the room. But I’m very happy with it now.

I also watched SuperSize This: very good. Really interesting. Needless to say, I don’t think I ever want to eat fast food again. Not that I ate a lot of it before now. But yeah.

So today the excitement was that we got a new fridge!!! It is be-yoo-ti-full. So clean, and big, and did I mention big? It’s wonderful. I am definitely way too excited, haha. I went out with Erika after work and we went to A Taste of India–mmm perfect. Finally I have found a good Indian restaurant in Providence! So happy.

Well I asked the landlords about the dog situation, keep your fingers crossed for their response (I left a message). !


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