Bad news– no dog! Ah well. Disappointing but not crushingly so. Somewhere out there my puppy is waiting for me!

Work is sucky as always but the good news is that no Phyl for one week!!!!!! The bad news is that Phyl will be away for one week. And so it goes. In other news we have newbies in the house! Which is nice but also odd. I still remember when I was the newbie. Oh other news Vinay and I are going to teach each other, I will teach him French and he will teach me Hindi. I think it is an excellent plan.

Yesterday I was bored so Erika and I went out to see Just Like Heaven. So cute!!! I am usually not the hugest fan of romantic comedies, but I really liked the movie. And Mark Ruffalo is hot. Plus there are several shower scenes that feature his hot bod. haha. It’s all good.

Today I cleaned house, literally. So I am feeling happy. If I get too messy it is one more thing to stress out about. I also dropped the car off at the mechanics this morning to get the door lock fixed. Poor baby! For the rest of the day: violin practice, dinner, Waterfire? Tomorrow: walking on Blackstone, chilling, dinner and movie with Henry. And then the wek starts all over again. SIGH. LAISSEZ LES BONS TEMPS ROULEZ.


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