Number 1 reason why I love Rooster: his crazy emails. This one was sent to me after I told him Donovan McNabb wanted me to “Go Deep in the Street” in a pop-up:
I think he’s telling you to GO POOP On the Street. Duh! cause Poop is needed in Road Island. An Island made out of a road. Or a road turned into an island? Which is it? or which was it? Or even more interestingly, there’s no there, there. If ya know what I mean, eh Felchpoop! T’was brilig in the slithy toads, where guir and gimble in the way, something something somethign and the mumraths outgrabe. Comprenez-vous? pous? ( that means poops in french). And it rhymes with vous, so that means there must be striking similarity between VOUS and POUS!!!!!!!! i.e. YOU and POOP. With their powers combined, you are Captain POOP! you’re a hero, gunna take a dump and take it down to zero!

Anyway, I am not here this weekend because I am going to Germany today for a week for a skating competition! So maybe you should have planned it another weekend!!! I am going to Boston when I get back since I will have many days off and Cecilia is in Boston now, but since she will be working, maybe I can visit you one of the days! I’ll let you know.

Maurice, the baguettes!

Poopfully yours,

Mr. Cool

*Still laughing more than 8 hours later.* Rusty you can always put me in a great mood.


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