Not such a bad day today. I actually feel like we accomplished something. Got my car back, which is good. After work the Training Dream Team (me, Danielle, Mike) went out for drinks and dinner at Cheesecake Factory. We actually managed not to talk about work for most of the time, which was quite nice. I have not been drinking in a while, so the two beers gave me a bit of a buzz. Afterwards Mike and I decided to stay at the mall and we saw Corpse Bride, which was pretty good. Offbeat, and surprising, but decent. Best part: long preview for Harry Potter!!! It looks so good!!!

I just remembered I had a crazy dream. I was on a ship, and it started to sink. I gathered up a group of people (Foresighters) and we all jumped off and hung on to the side while we paddled in the ocean. I saw my laptop floating in the water, and swam after it because I thought it might prove useful later on. There was a big rope coming off the ship, and I told everyone to leave it there because hopefully someone would come save us and they could use the rope. There was a lifeboat and we all took turns sitting in it while the others paddled in the ocean. There were also two dogs, who also took turns. After a while the ship stopped sinking, but was still broken. We climbed back on board, and realized that we were the only ones who had jumped off– everyone else had stayed dry. The boss came out of nowhere and started ranting and raving at me about how I was “not qualified to make an executive decision” about jumping ship. I tried to explain that I thought we were all going to die, but just kept getting yelled at. It got a little weird after that, but I think there is no interpretation needed for this part, at least. I told my co-workers today and it was the subject of much hilarity. I have very odd dreams. I also dream a lot of dogs and of being kidnapped.


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