God what a week. What a week. Don’t even know where to begin. Basically I just had maybe two months worth of work flushed down the toilet. Why am I surprised, I saw this coming from day 1 but it still fucking pisses me off. God.

So yeah I was ready for alcohol at 8 am this morning, 5 pm rolled around and I sent out an email to the gang saying I don’t know bout all yall but I am off to get trashed so if you want to join up let me know. It turned into a pretty good group of people over at Twist and funny enough, it turned out that Erika was the one getting drrrunk while I was rolling along just fine and dandy on my 3 beers. That was quite the reversal from our usual trend, haha.

Mike drove E and me back to my place, where we decided to go see Waiting at the mall. Once there, we had a bit of time to kill, so we wandered around. Popped into BR and said hi to Henry. Mike is convinced that we make the perfect couple and spent the entire night trying to convince me of this fact. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a straight guy talking so much about another guy’s hair, clothing, shoes, etc. haha. Mike: been there and done that! I was very busy doling out the Look of Death. And E was no help either.

Anyway, the night managed to turn into something better so at least I don’t feel like I want to bang my head against any blunt object that may come my way. And on the bright side, Mike and I are going dancing tomorrow night (tonight?) and Rusty (the other Henry in my life, hahaha) is coming to see me on Sunday. And no work Monday THANK GOD.


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