Not such a bad weekend, but I hate Sunday nights… because that means Monday mornings are just around the corner.

Friday night I got out of work as soon as I could (ugh) and drove to Easton for my violin lesson. The violin has definitely become important to me in my times of stress and depression. For whatever reason, whenever I have sunk really low, I’ve always had a craving or need to play. I really didn’t want to go at first, but once I got to my teacher’s house I was glad I was there. I had a really good lesson, which cheered me up a great deal. There are more important things in life than a job. Being able to lose yourself in the music and the order behind the notes is one of those things. It may seem like chaos, but it’s not at all.

Saturday I drove up to Brandeis to see Mom and Simone. I sat in on the diversity open house; so glad I don’t have to go through the college process again! But being at Brandeis made me miss Haverford desperately (even though I was just there!) and more than ever hit home how much I really love that place. It definitely was the right choice, something I am realizing every day that I am gone from there.

When I got home I bought an electric heater! So I can heat my room without spending money, yay. Talked to John for a little while which was nice. Started to weatherproof my room. I also bought some yarn so I can start some new knitting projects. I have of late become obsessed with Buffy (again) so I had a mini-marathon. Then I had to take a break so Grace, Alejandro and I could watch Crash.

Today I worked out, baked pie, potted all my plants (I have sooooo many babies I hope they all like their bigger pots now) and practiced. I treated myself to dinner out, and spent some time at Starbucks in Wayland Square. I like hanging out there when I can grab one of the comfy chairs. I use the opportunity to catch up on my journal writing, which is where I write all the stuff I DON’T write here! Came back home, and worked on my resume. I finally have a pretty decent one pulled together, so now I am going to start submitting it and all that fun stuff. And here we go again.


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