Overdosed on martial arts movies tonight. And wine. But mostly martial arts. haha

It felt a little like old times, all of us going out after work to hit the bar and booze. Good times, good times. After Twist we split up and Jack, Arun and I headed over to Vinay’s place to watch Ong-Bak. We fast forwarded through most of the stupid stuff and just watched the fight scenes, which were admittedly pretty sick. I stole some Indian movies from Vinay (well I should say I told him I was stealing them, and he told me which ones were the best….. hahaha) so I am all stocked up for a while. Arun and I walked home, and talked (more) about martial arts. Then I watched Unleashed by myself and now I think it’s off to bed. Too much fighting for me for one night. Those scenes were pretty awesome though.


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