Things may be happening soon. . . good things. Keep your fingers crossed, kiddos.

Hmm what news do I have? Well I went to see Harry Potter last weekend. I was oddly disappointed. The movie was fun but I think I didn’t see it with the right people. (i.e. Huma and Christen!) But it was still a fun time. Toby, Mike, Jack and I went out to dinner beforehand, and Toby spotted this HP couple near us. I hate to say it but they were such DORKS!!! She was wearing a Harry Potter sweatshirt that was two sizes too small, and her friend was totally a D&D guy, with a ponytail down his back. So we chuckled a little at them. The dinner was fun, we talked a lot about sex which was kinda random but anyway I’m sure people listening in to our convo must have been like WTF???

So after we headed to the theater and Mike got the last ticket! So we decided to wait for the 10 pm show and kill time at the mall. We get into the theater and guess who is sitting next to us– the HP couple!!!!!! They were way too obsessed. I mean, she squealed during the scene when Harry was in the bathtub. Just– gross! The one hilarious part during the whole movie came from sitting between Tobert and Mike (they made me move to sit between them– what is it with guys??) and Toby is enjoying the movie and then I look over at Mike (sitting next to the Potter couple) and he is just dying. hahahahaha

The rest of the weekend was rather slow. I watched a lot of tv, slept very late, lazed around. Did a lot of shopping Saturday which was fun. Got a cd player put in the car which was even funner!

And that’s it. I’m out.


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