Was in Boston a bit ago… Tirzah, Joe and I went to Boston Common to see the Christmas tree lighting. Joe mentioned that there were some “CD-quality singers” who were performing that night, and Tirzah retorted with something like, “what? Donnie Wahlberg? Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch?” That’s not the funny part. THAT came when the announcer asked us all to put our hands together for Jordan Knight from the NKOTB. Hahaha it was hilarious and quite coincidental. It’s kind of sad, but I actually own one of JK’s early solo cd’s. I know, yikes.

Otherwise the stay was good, had good times with T and J and Susie Q. It’s so odd to think that I’ve known them both for more than a year now. They are definitely people I value in my life. I’m thinking living in Boston– not such a bad move for me at this point.

After a long-ass day of running around (in hurty heels no less) I popped over to Newtonville to visit the relatives (I know, mucho fun was had by all), and then made it back to Providence for some Xmas shopping with T. Only problem was, we both found more things we wanted for ourselves than stuff we wanted to get for others. Oops. In any case, we managed to put a dent in the to-buy pile so it was all good. Random story: walking by Abercrombie and Fitch, we saw a male mannequin in the doorway, bare chested, six pack, requisite Abercrombie get-up. It was only as we walked past that we realized it wasn’t a mannequin. Hahahaha it was rather ridiculous actually. After shopping dinner at Haruki was in order, just like old times.

Tomorrow– Newport for some extracurricular activities with Jenn and Danielle? Possibly.

P.S. Make sure those fingers stay crossed.


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