Interesting night last night. As I was taking a shower and getting ready for the party, I got a voice mail from Mike. He wanted to know if I was going and how I was going and could he come too and he would pay for gas etc. etc. So I called him back 20 min later and said yeah, I’m going and I’d be happy to drive you since the 4WD is alive and kickin in my car, no prob. So he starts asking me when I’m going, and I go into that, and the crux of the conversation is that when I asked him if he wanted me to pick him up, he goes: yeah, I’m not going. It’s too cold outside.

WTF???? Biggest copout ever. Especially since it was actually quite warm. I was pretty pissed, since he not only copped out, but also wasted an extra 15 min of my time. So anyway, needless to say I headed over to Newport by myself. I was actually the first FS person to show up, which was interesting since I was forced to mingle with Erik’s Navy friends. Which was fine, because I like Erik a lot and I can co-mingle with the best of them when I put my mind to it. But I will say, I was very happy to see Vinay show up with his posse, the infamous Corey and Bobby, and Jenn and Erika after that.

So all in all, had a pretty good time. Danielle was wasted, which made for some interesting conversation and photos. I played Jenga for the first time ever, danced a little, had some good food and a yummy espresso martini. Good times. There were definitely some interesting moments: one, when Danielle told me that when she told Erik she was inviting people from FS, he said ‘is Felicia coming?’ Hahahahahaha apparently I made quite an impression even in my comatose state the last time I saw him. It’s weird how the boyfriends always love me. I’ve definitely run into this quite a few times. Two, a very drunk Danielle was telling Vinay how I always have an open invitation to stay at Erik’s and her place. Vinay goes, what about me?? And she answers, … you too! I love you Vinay. Three, Vinay’s friend Corey started attacking me and ruffling my hair; Erika swears she thought we were making out. LOL. No. I ended up heading out around quarter of 1, got home before 2…

Had lunch with Erika today at Phoenix Dragon, which was really good. You can always tell if the restaurant is good if people of that ethnicity eat there. The only downside was I wanted to take my food home with me but forgot to tell them, so– no leftovers. Sigh. Got an interesting fortune though: “A new romance is in the future.” We shall see, we shall see.


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