Today was my last day of work. It was bittersweet, and anticlimactic, and wonderful and lonely all wrapped up into one. Luckily Phyl was away, so David was holding down the fort. I will miss that man, he is the sweetest! Lots of people took advantage of the unexpected freedom and were ‘sick’ (cough cough) so it was pretty quiet.

After work I headed over to Twist and hung out with Jenn, Jack, Arun, Danielle, Vinay 1.0 and John. Danielle and Mike (MIA) got me a gift certificate for a massage!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome?!?! I was so incredibly touched. It was one of the sweetest things someone’s ever done for me. They also paid for my dinner and drinks. Aww.

It was kind of sad. I am glad to be finally done with FST, but I’m gonna miss my peeps desperately. It’s all good though– I’m throwing a house party in a few weeks, and Jenn has already told me she’ll plan the entire thing for me. Sounds good to me. And with our revival of poker night, as well as dinners with the crew, I should still manage to keep up with everyone. Danielle wanted to have a West Side Story type throwdown with a faceoff of FSTers and NUers… that was quickly discarded when we realized that it would be something like 10 to 1. lol.

In other news the new editor (the one who says ‘Rad’ all the time) is hitting on me. Not only is it way too late timing-wise………no. Just no. Well it is late and I have a haircut appt. tomorrow/today…. I don’t know what time it is. That could be a problemo.


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