So I checked my ex-work email to see if a) I still could and b) if anyone had emailed me. To my surprise I did have an email from my ex-boss regarding a note I’d forwarded to him on Friday. The note was from one of my ex-clients, saying how sorry they were I was going to be leaving and that I’d done a great job, and the program was really useful. In their note, they made reference to a letter which they had asked me to write for them, explaining what services we’d provided through the DOE contract. I’d written and sent off the letter long before I sent the email to my ex-boss. So anyway, this email comes in on a Saturday morning, addressed to me, saying ‘send me a copy of the letter before you send it to them.’

Hahahahaha. First of all, the letter’s already been sent! Secondly, I no longer work for you! Why on earth would you email me on the weekend after my last day as if you could still boss me around?! It’s probably really wrong of me, but it gives me so much pleasure to think that I can tell him to shove it. If this had happened three days ago, I would be completely nervous right now and be racing to send off the letter, or be hoping to god that I wouldn’t be reprimanded for sending something like that out before getting it vetted…. never mind that I head(ed) up the ENTIRE program. Sorry about that little FST flashback. It just makes me feel positively gleeful… which is weird. That’s not a feeling I’m used to having, haha.


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