Ahh what has been going on…… I have no idea.

Went down to Philly for the long weekend which was really nice. I had an insane Friday though, woke up at 5 am, drove to the airport, parked, took the shuttle to the terminal, took the shuttle to the train station, took the train to work, took the train from work, and hopped on the acela express for 5 hours of fun. Spent Saturday at the mall with Simone, and Sat night in the company of two of my favorite people, Rusty and Michelle. We went to the Bubble Tea House where Rusty felt the need to start shooting bubbles out of the straw at us and other patrons of the house. Best moment: Michelle’s talking about mice and the work she does with them for breast cancer research, and Rusty asks “Do they have big ones?” HAHAHA.

Then we traipsed over in the freezing cold to The White Dog for dessert. Which was very yummy, and an added bonus was the piano player who provided some great background music. It was great to talk with R&M, although Rusty did bite me…….. hmmmm. Hah. In any case, back to Providence on Monday night. Saw an apartment and Tirzah on Tuesday night…. I may be moving to Boston soon!


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