Coffee…… not so bad

Sigh. What a weekend. Friday night went out drinking with Annette and her friend Kate. It was pretty fun all in all, though I had to beg off early cause the shots and beer were getting to me. Sad that a 30 yr old can drink me under the table! But yeah.

Yesterday did some massive cleaning (much needed) and then went with Erika to dinner at the Mews Tavern— omg their beer selection is amazing— and then Danielle’s art league thing. Which was pretty fun, what I really liked was the fact that they had the artists there painting while the reception was going on– very cool. It was mostly Danielle’s friends there but still not bad way to spend the evening. Erika decided to skip out back to Providence (??) but I headed over to Newport with Danielle and Jenn and went out drinking with them. Lots of fun, we definitely got smashed. I met one of D’s friends Erin, who is loads of fun. We noticed this guy in a gray sweater staring at us so D decided to go over and tag team him. We ended up trying to recruit him for the art league since he worked at exxon mobil (?huh?) but we didn’t have a pen so we couldn’t get his address…… so random. Needless to say when we got back to D’s place I don’t remember going to sleep. But Jordan the cat came in during the night and snuggled, which was fun.

Today we woke up late, went to church where: I prayed that Jenn would get the job, D would do well on Gmats; D prayed for Jenn to get the job; and Jenn prayed that I would get laid. JAJAJAJAJAJA. Then she was going to go to brunch with me and D, but decided instead to go to Alperts to buy a suit– but Alperts sells furniture…………. ? crazy gal!

Lunch was also sooo good, we ate with Erin, her boyfriend and 3 of his Navy pals. We decided we have become old, since the conversation consisted of: the weather, our ailments, sports, and getting regular with yougurt. HAHA.


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