Here We Go Again

I am a sucker for peer pressure. Even when it doesn’t really exist.

So anyway I haven’t posted for a really long time in this thing, I don’t think anyone still reads it but maybe I will update from time to time in case I have any stalkers out there (you know who you are and I love you!) So the rundown:

Have been in Boston for just about a year now, and I’m loving it. It could possibly tear me away from my beloved Philly. But that remains to be seen.

I live in JP in a great apartment with a wonderful roommate and great neighbors. I’m close to the city but my neighborhood is very family friendly and diverse, and community-oriented.

Work is crazy but in a *good* way… you know what I mean. I am trying to get myself prepared to start studying for GMATs, but they scare me.

Social life was a little stagnant for a while there, but lately it seems to have kicked in full gear and I have been very busy. These are some of the activities that take up my free time: classes, HAAB (Haverford Alum Association in Boston), violin, The Lunch Club, the Footlight Club, Boston Young Women’s Task Force, and various social stuff that comes up from HeyLetsGo and party promoters who claim to be my friend I’m sure there is other stuff in there that I have forgotten as well.

Boys are dumb, but that’s nothing new, haha. It’s a good thing I have such great friends- not only in Boston but elsewhere as well.

Anyway, I have wasted enough time on this for tonight. I need to get back to the very important business of being sick and cranky- doctor’s appointment tomorrow, blah.


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