Ah the Memories!

So I’ve been reading through a bunch of my older entries and reliving some highs and lows from the past 2-3 years. Kinda makes me want to start posting in this thing again. Although no one really “does” Xanga anymore, do they? (Michelle/Luca aside, of course). . . I think more of my friends are on MySpace these days, but thus far I have avoided that whole craze. The whole reason why I stopped posting in here was a) I’m lazy, and b) I was neglecting my journals, and I prefer pen and paper to this non-tangible medium. But I was realizing that most of my really personal stuff was still in my journals even while I was posting here, and it is a good way to share my day to day life with my friends. So we’ll see, maybe I’ll become more regular again. Or I might move to a different forum. I’ll keep you posted.

Had a pretty good weekend- drove down to Philly Thursday night (had a rough start, there was a shooting at Ruggles so the subway was shut down- luckily Tirzah and Joe came and picked me up from work!). Friday I lazed around, and went out to dinner with the fam. After dinner met up with Alissa for some Rita’s- yum! And yay! Saturday I met up with Chioma at Nonnie’s in the afternoon, and we had some quality conversation. She is so great. She also gave me such a nice compliment, which made me feel so good and still does when I think about it. After dropping her off, I headed into Philly where I met up with Michelle, and we had a very yummy dinner which was really great- so was the conversation. After, we met up with Luca and some of their friends, and saw Ratatouille which I thought was fantastic. Sunday I had to do some last-minute car maintenance work (well, Dad did- not me) and then I had a long drive back to Boston.

It will be a quiet week here. I’m working all week except for the 4th, and have no real big plans- shocker, I know! Even party animals have to sleep sometime! Violin tomorrow, and Transformers with some people from Going on Thursday. That’s pretty much it. I may try and plan a beach day for this weekend. Otherwise, it’ll be a chill few days.


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