I’m the only one in the office and bored silly. So here I am. My past few weeks have been very hectic, and hopefully after next week things will calm down… but probably not. Monday I went out with my student Cory (well, I guess he’s no longer my student now- but I like referring to him that way, it gives me a kick especially since he is older and more experienced than I am, but look who is mentoring who, hahaha); we grabbed dinner at Our House and traded dating stories. He is going to join the Lunch Club for me, and tell everyone he’s there just for me- I love it! I am so powerful, tremble before me! Haha.

Tuesday I got to see Miss Danielle which is always a fun time; we met up with Sarah (Grad. Bryn Mawr a few years before me, left FST just before I came) and had a mini-reunion which was nice. We did dinner on Newbury st., and fantasized about owning one of those brownstones- maybe someday! When I am rolling in cash…

Yesterday I decided not to go out ’cause I was exhausted, so I spent the night doing laundry and preparing/packing for this weekend, Saba’s wedding. It’ll be fun, but I’m already tired just thinking about it all… will be doing a LOT of driving/traveling in the next four days.

I suppose I should get back to work and be semi-productive for the next few hours at least……


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