A Boy’s Life


  1. Will admit they’re wrong only if there is something to gain from it.
  2. Are threatened by girls’ night out because a) they don’t like being talked about; b) they know we check out other guys; c) we might have a lesbian experience and they won’t be there to watch.
  3. Every argument can be settled by rock, paper, scissors.
  4. Can look at other girls but it doesn’t mean they don’t like/love/dig us less.
  5. Have times when hobbies are more important than talking to us.
  6. Guy friends are not the same as girl friends. Guys don’t talk about private stuff.
  7. Hate questions that have no right answer (“…do I look fat in this?”)
  8. Have fantasies surrounding what really goes on at slumber parties– don’t ruin it for them!
  9. Want to do it on a balcony. Feel that night air, baby!
  10. Are mystified by girls going to the bathroom in groups.
  11. Believe girls are perfect… the only reason they go to the bathroom is to shower and do make-up.
  12. Enjoy grossing us out with their farts and burps.
  13. Like being taken care of but don’t like to admit it

Thanks to HP for some of these nuggets of wisdom


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