Is there something in the water? Everyone is getting married these days.

A few months ago the Boy came back from a long trip abroad. We were at a crossroads in our relationship and I was debating whether it was worth continuing on together, or if we would be better off as just friends. I still wrestle with this dilemma sometimes, but obviously I have made the decision for now that our relationship means something and is worth working on.

I took him to a popular breakfast place on Centre Street so I could feed him up in an effort to get over the jet lag. Standing in line, we made idle chit chat and tried not to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations. The Boy turned to me and said “I had a dream about you last night… well maybe I shouldn’t tell you about it…” Of course I couldn’t leave it like that. He likes to put these ambiguous statements out there and then back away. I don’t let him get away with this- ever! I bugged him until even the couple standing behind us were anxious to hear what he had dreamt.

“Well, I dreamed that I proposed to you… and you said no.” He chuckled nervously. Oh-kay. I was a little taken aback and blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“Um, ok, well yeah, I probably would say no if you asked me to marry you right now.”

“Well, just– if I ever do ask you and you want to say no, can you just say you’ll think about it instead? And then you can tell me no later.”


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