Back In Action

Today was the first day that I felt pretty much back to being ‘me.’ OK, so I have to take my strep medication three times a day… just add it to the tally.

I’d slept over at the Boy’s place last night so he could pamper me some more. We’d reheated my mom’s chicken that she sent back with me from Philly for dinner, and ordered a movie On Demand. This morning we woke up around 10 and got ready to leave. I showered first and then sat on the bed next to him to cuddle a little before he dragged himself out of bed. He shifted around and put his head in my lap, and we sat there for a while, just enjoying it. HIs hair felt stubbly beneath my stroking hand, and his face looked relaxed and peaceful. It’s too bad every morning can’t begin this way.

I made my way to work for the first time since last Wednesday, and caught up on all the emails and messages. After work I met up with T and her friend E, and we went to JP Seafood for dinner. It was a perfect night. We enjoyed our seaweed salads, maki, and sashimi, and laughed and talked. At one point I was quiet and T looked over.

“Is everything ok? Your stomach?”

“Everything’s fine. I was just thinking how nice it is to actually be able to sit and relax, and enjoy my dinner, and not have to worry or be in pain.” And it was nice indeed. Being sick definitely makes me appreciate the small things so much more than I do normally. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

Lyrics- Joni Mitchell


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