It’s uncommonly cold this evening, so I am sitting at my desk in a long sleeve shirt and shivering slightly. The windows are wide open, of course. By the way, total aside here– can I just say that Brock has the most amazing modern furniture? Their stuff snaps together which is way better than IKEA, and it is very attractive.

Brock Desk

Brock Desk

So. Here I am at my (much more cluttered) desk… writing this post when I should be studying. I don’t know why I am having such a hard time knuckling down and getting into the groove of tackling these GMATs. I’ve been working toward this since June and I still feel like I have only just begun working on getting up to speed. Maybe I need to finally set an actual date to take the test, and give myself a concrete goal to work towards. Or MAYBE (and this is the part of me that is sitting here tonight, cheering on this thought), just maybe what I need is a vacation… someplace breezy with mojitos and plenty of sun…


Yum (Photo from


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