Sleepless Summer Nights

I have been following the Olympics this past week, and let me tell you– it is tough being a fan! You have to commit to long hours, late nights, and bleary-eyed coffee-fueled mornings. I have been trying to juggle studying with keeping up with the races. Obviously swimming has been huge; not only is the Michael Phelps story fascinating, there have been so many other great races and performances by other Olympic atheletes (Dara Torres, Kirsty Coventry, etc.). And don’t get me started on volleyball!

I admit I don’t really understand the necessity for beach volleyball. When did sand become a part of the process? But the American teams have been so dominant! My excitement for volleyball is due in part to my own experience with the sport. It was the only sport I was really engaged in during my high school years. Although I am not exactly the most athletic girl, or the tallest, I wound up captaining my JV team senior year of high school. The coaches would rotate me out of the lineup every time I approached the net (too short to block… yes it’s sad I know).

I suppose I am lucky that NBC has not been showing badminton. I don’t think I would ever get to sleep otherwise! I am seriously considering getting a TiVo, something I have long held out against since I am afraid that its purchase would lead to a huge increase in my tv-watching, which is minimal at the moment.

After watching Michael Phelps’ phenomenal win tonight for his 7th gold in these Games, I am so excited for tomorrow. I watched the race while doing laundry and half-heartedly looking over some verbal GMAT questions (yes, I am aware that this is not the best way to study. Bite me. I’ll study for real tomorrow). As the race drew closer to its conclusion, I started pounding on the couch, yelling “go go go GO GO GO GO!!!!” I’m sure the neighbors were thrilled to hear my addition to the official commentary. I will say this though– it makes me want to go out and achieve great things. And isn’t that what the Olympics are really all about?


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