White Wedding

Another one bites the dust… wow

Thus far, out of my group of 6 very close friends in college, three are engaged, and 2 are in serious relationships. I guess it must be wedding season or something! It’s kind of crazy to think about… I mean I guess it goes to show that we are becoming real grownups. Then pretty soon the kids will start coming, and that will be sort of weird too, because it’ll be all like hey little Emma, lemme tell you about the time we went on a bar crawl, and your mom picked up this guy, and…. um, maybe not. Haha. I suppose I need to start accepting the fact that I’m not a kid anymore (the Boy tells me this ALL THE TIME. But I’m all what dya mean I’m not a kid?? ). Yikes!


One Comment on “White Wedding

  1. Just for kicks, the irony of this post is that Emma is a name I’m seriously considering for my future (yes, so far, VERY NONEXISTANT!) daughter!

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