Back… for now…

Busy busy couple weeks here on the homestead. I didn’t end up doing as well as I’d hoped on the GMAT last month, so it’s back to the books and we’ll try this once more. Two weeks until the next go-round! UGH.

Have also been busy preparing my first application. It is nuts to think that one month ago I willingly decided to put myself through this torture. All I can hope is that all the hard work pays off in the long run. If I can just get through these next few weeks I’ll still have plenty of insanity to deal with, but it won’t be as all-consuming and life-draining as it feels right now.

I am realizing that the little things really are what matter. Sleeping in on a Sunday morning. Spending an hour reading the newspaper. Watching a football game with friends. The boy will be leaving right before my next GMAT attempt… he’ll be back in November, but it will be weird to have him gone for those few weeks. I have come to depend on him so much for everything in my life, and I will have to learn to get along by myself for a little bit.


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