This studying/application process is killing me. I almost succumbed to the urge to crawl under my desk and take a nap today… am seriously considering bringing a small blanket with me to work tomorrow…

One of the things I lack in my room is an adequate desk chair. I have been using an old wooden chair which, while sturdy, is not exactly very comfortable. When I started spending more time in this chair recently, I snagged a pillow from the living room couch and have been sitting on that. It still does a number on my arse. I mean, I have some padding down there but not THAT much! I finally broke down this past weekend and purchased a cheap executive desk chair from Office Max online… pray God that it arrives soon. As I was taking my GMAT prep exam tonight I kept whimpering in pain, and at one point was mildly horrified to realize that I’d just shouted, “I’m DYING!!!!!!!!!” out loud. Luckily the neighbors did not break down the door. Unluckily (should I ever actually be dying in my apartment) the neighbors did not break down the door.

I sure hope that chair is sitting on my porch when I get home tomorrow. Spending 8 hrs a night on a hard wood surface can make you start to go a little nutso.


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