Time Travel is Discovered in the Year 2008

Yesterday night A. and I had gone out to pick up some dinner and we stopped by the Cumberland Farms on the way home. One of the things I love about A. is that he is just as big a Diet Coke addict as I am. He’d just finished the last Coke can, so we needed to refuel.

As we were waiting for the checkout lady to ring us up, she noticed that I was looking at a brochure that was laying next to the gum packets. I had picked it up to show it to A., thinking it was an application to work there. Apparently not! For the next five minutes we struggled to hold our laughter as we listened to the woman praise the Cumberland Farms High School Scholarship Program, and tell us that we still had time to apply before the January deadline. Let me reiterate: HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. This lady thought we were high school seniors!!!

A. and I often joke about how young I look. I’m short, petite, and goofy, and this leads a lot of strangers to assume that I am much younger than my actual age. I don’t mind this at all, mind you. But let’s just get it straight– height does NOT equal age!!!

Good to know though. If I should ever want to sneak into college again I could probably get some money from Cumberland Farms to pay for my tuition. Nice…….


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