Take Two

What is it with this month? People from my past are popping out all over. Must be something in the air.

I love the internet and the many free email addresses one can acquire. I have quite the bevy of email addresses and sometimes, well, I just forget about them…. and then I don’t check them…. and then a few months go by and all of a sudden I remember them again! I quite like when this happens, because any emails that are waiting for me are like shiny, new, Christmas-day presents waiting to be unopened.

So imagine my delight when I checked one of my old emails this evening and found something waiting for me to read it! This email address happened to be the email I used when I was actively dating. With A. around these days, I don’t check this email much, if at all. (He very quickly graduated to my safe real email). Anyway, back when I had first hopped on Match, I’d met this shady character named N. N. was older and so I thought he might be a welcome change of pace from all the young stupidheads I’d been messing around with. To my unfortunate surprise, N. turned out to be one of those guys who called and called but never followed through. I had foolishly given him my phone number back when I first thought he might actually take me out on a date, and every now and then he would reappear in my life.

My friends knew N. as the guy who texted me on all major holidays. Not a celebratory occasion went by that he failed to send me a note. “Happy Halloween!” “Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!” “Happy New Years!” It was kind of funny. He would also call me out of the blue after not having spoken to me for months and months. I wasn’t that interested, so I just read his texts and went about my life.

The summer of ’07 I’d had a bad rash of dating bad luck. Nothing was going right, and while I was out and having fun with all my girls, I determined that I must go out at least once on a date in the summer while Boston was still beautiful and romantic. (Sorry- once the snow hits I’m in full hibernation mode). I was not having much luck with my dating prospects, however. It was August and my goal was looking like it might be out of reach. Then, who should show up but N.? He was back in town and wanted to finally take me out on a date! Desperate, I said yes.

He picked me up and we went to Castle Island. Right away I knew I’d made a huge mistake. N. was perfectly nice, but verrrrrrry awkward and I felt absolutely no physical attraction at all. I escaped to the bathroom at the park and sent a frantic text message to my roomie– help! N. somehow managed to convince me to get lunch with him, and we spent the entire afternoon at the park. I couldn’t figure out how to get him to take me home. We had a good time talking, but I knew there would be no second date.

When the date finally ended, he asked if we could see each other again and I mumbled something about schedules and checking them… he emailed me later and implied that he would like to take me out to dinner when he got back from his business trip. I, being the passive agressive person that I am, wrote back and said we could see how everything was when he got back. Well guess what– he never wrote back! That was August/September of last year. LAST YEAR. Guess who’s back from the dead and emailing me? Yup that’s right. My friend N. Good times.


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