This is the first Saturday in a long time that I have had to myself. I hung out last night with the roomie and watched reality tv until my eyes burned. I was estatic to discover that there is a new show called ‘Real Chance of Love.’ This is a spin-off of I Love New York, and it is truly genius. Chance was the best thing about the last NY show, and a reality love show with him and his brother can only be awesome. And it is, so far.

Slept late this morning and then got ready for my day of shopping. I have an interview on the 11th of November and unfortunately, my business wardrobe is slightly lacking. C suggested that I check out the Wrentham outlets, and I had mapped out a day full of travel and clothes. First I headed over to the Arsenal Mall and got a Nine West suit at Marshalls. Not bad for $50 bucks! Then I hopped on the highway and drove over to the Wrentham outlets.

Wow! What a place. It was truly massive. I think the next time I go back, I would need to go in with a plan of attack, snacks, and maybe a scooter. That place is huge! After driving around for 20 min looking for a parking spot, I finally got lucky and left Sherman the car snug in Row G. I spent most of my time in Ann Taylor Loft and got another suit, as well as some additional b-type clothes. After a few hours spent in Wrentham, I got back on 95 and drove over to Hingham, where I stopped at the other AT outlet and Kohls. Picked up dinner at Whole Foods and (Finally!) came back home after an entire day out.

I’m totally exhausted, and I feel like I just participated in my own personal episode of What Not to Wear. Shopping is tiring! Now it’s time for some vegetation time on the couch and some quality House watching. Aaaaah.


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