Admit Weekend

Well… technically it wasn’t a “weekend”, per se…

Thursday and Friday BU had a host of activities for admitted students from the first round. The Thursday events seemed to be quite popular, probably in large part due to the open bars and free food all night long. However, I did get the chance to talk at length with the PNP program director and several students in the program, as well as in the general management MBA. Yesterday we got to continue those conversations, and by the end of the day I was pretty much questioned out.

The day started with a breakfast at 8:15, which meant I had to be out the door by 7:22 precisely. Most of the activities revolved around panels on different aspects of student life both within and outside of the university. We also attended a mock class, had an elegant catered lunch, and took a tour of the facilities.

I was surprised to realize that I really, really liked BU. The PNP program is almost exactly what I want out of an MBA experience. And although I had discounted this when I originally saw it offered on my admit letter, the fact that I oculd get a dual MBA-Masters for free is pretty interesting. The program director, Kristen McCormack, has been amazing so far. She remembered details from my essays and application that I’d forgotten I’d included. All throughout the day she kept coming up with tidbits such as, “you should look into the School of Arts– I think they have a Museum certificate, and you could cross-register for some of those classes” (this would be PERFECT for what I want to do), or “remind me to get you in touch with so and so– she’s a harpist, came in to get her MBA, and now she started her own arts non-profit” (ALSO exactly what I want to do!). I am still waiting to get some decisions next week from a few schools, but BU is starting to look more and more like a top contender for me– something that I would never have thought possible even a week ago.


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