And in Other News…

Well it has been a tough week or so. I heard back from Cornell and Tuck, and they were both no’s. It was pretty disappointing, I won’t lie. I especially had thought that I had a really good shot at getting into Tuck, but unfortunately that path is now closed. They did offer me the chance to have a counseling session in the spring and use the feedback to reapply for next year. I considered it, but for a few seconds only. I am not that desperate to go to an Ivy/top school. It is becoming more and more clear to me that what this whole process is coming down to is the program (BU) vs. the name (everyone else). Obviously for selfish reasons, the name is important. But the BU program is such a perfect fit for me personally and for what I want to do with this degree. So while I’m still hoping I at least have a choice to make at the end of the next month or two, I’m not holding my breath by any stretch of the imagination. And I’m not risking anything, either– I will be depositing down on the PNP MBA at BU by the end of this week. It’s actually pretty exciting; I rarely write out checks that large. I suppose it will be the first in a long line of money streaming out of my bank account. Sigh. But it’s good to have something decided on for sure.

Other than that monumental change, I’m trying to deal with the fact that my roomie will be moving out in two weeks and I might be living with a complete stranger YET AGAIN. At least it’ll only be for five months at the most. Then I get to experience the joys of moving, which will be oh so fun.

Oh, and did I mention I’m loving my new iPod Touch? The little thing is amazing and I am completely head over heels. That’s pretty much it as far as my life right now. Fun fun.


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