Grace in Small Things-2

  1. Dreams with friends in them
  2. Purple eyeshadow
  3. Crime shows that keep me up until midnight

It has been very hard for me lately. I’ve been dealing with some financial/roommate issues that literally came out of nowhere and blindsided me. My (now-ex) roommate decided to move out and try to stick me with all the bills and rent responsibility, causing me to have several mini-freak outs. The last thing I can deal with right now is spending even more money. I need to start saving, not spending!

Thankfully I finally got to talk with my landlord last night and everything is fine. It was the biggest relief to hear him say he would support me in this. I really don’t understand what it is about some people– when it comes to issues of money and responsibility, they choose to screw other people over rather than stand up and be accountable for themselves. Like I told my roommate– you’re legally obligated to pay for your share, and just because you said you “terminated” your lease, doesn’t mean you actually did– or can. Ugh. Hate dealing with this drama. At least I won’t have to deal with having a roommate for at least the next month, so I’m happy about that. No more selfish immature people, please! ‘K thanks.


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