Moving on

I finally finished uploading most of my old Xanga posts into my WordPress archives. I hadn’t realized how long I’ve been writing a blog for! Pretty impressive. I still keep my regular pen and paper journal for the most intimate and secret things I need to write down, but I am glad I can keep reconnecting with people through this online medium.

I am so happy that I now have my lovely 2 bedroom apartment to myself. My roommate finally moved the last of her things out yesterday, and I was never so happy to see anyone leave. I didn’t feel like even looking at her, I had been so angry by the way she tried to screw me over. So I stayed in my room and took my time getting ready. Akshay was with me and took it upon himself to give her and her boyfriend very dirty and intimidating looks as he went to and from the bathroom. He can be pretty scary if he wants to be, so I was glad to have him around for some emotional and moral support!

We took off to get some breakfast, and didn’t make it back until late last night, by which time she was long gone. Thank goodness!!!!!!!!! I threw the last of her old food out of the fridge this morning, and am luxuriating in the feeling of having my entire apartment to myself– I’ve never lived alone before, and I LOVE IT!!! One less stress in my life.


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